In vitro fertilization, sperm donation and surrogacy
are just a few examples of assisted reproduction techniques.
FOR MORE THAN SIX YEARS GIRE has been advocating for legislation and regulation to protect women, couples and individuals who choose to benefit from said practices. Without regulation, clinics and hospitals can invent rules or act unethically, such as the case of MARIA TERESA
DREAMED of having a child
SO SHE SOUGHT assisted reproduction services at a public hospital

but WAS DENIED because, at 36, she was deemed too old

GIRE REPRESENTED her case, arguing that the decision to have or not have children is that of the woman and that the State has an obligation to provide the services without prejudice. For the first time, a federal judge determined that the denial of assisted reproductive services to Maria Teresa due to her age was discriminatory. This ruling has opened the door for women across the country seeking to become mothers.